Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Friday's busy!

There's so much stuff happening this Friday, the 20th, that it's crazy!

The most obvious is that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 premieres, but Netflix's original series, Jessica Jones, also comes out as well, and I'm super excited for both. I can't wait to see how the movie will depict the fighting scenes and ending, even though I don't really remember the second half of the book that well, since I pulled an all-nighter to finish it, lol. And I'm so excited to watch Jessica Jones because Daredevil blew me away, and it's taking place in the same city: Hell's Kitchen. That, and because I actually read up on her backstory, which is super twisted and sad, so I can't wait to see her portrayal on screen.

In addition, We the King's new album, Strange Love, is also coming out on the 20th! They've been releasing teasers on their YouTube channel for the past few days and will continue to reveal a new song each day until their album release date, and I've been loving them. My favorite is "From Here to Mars" with "Jenny's Song" as a close second. Check out the teaser!

For more local news, Mercer is also throwing its quarterly Midnight Movie on this Friday, most likely in anticipation for Mockingjay's release, but there's been some changes so that now non-Mercer students can also attend the event. This could mean that they'll run out of seats quicker, which'll suck. However, the movie theater's already announced that they'll have multiple theaters playing Mockingjay, so I guess seating won't be too difficult if I actually end up going.

Lastly, we have initiation on Friday! My little will become a brother! :D I feel bad for not talking and hanging out as much as I could have, but this semester was busier than I expected. D:

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