Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Goodbye for Now AT&T

Last Friday was my last day of my internship with AT&T, and it was really nerve-wracking and exciting and sad. 

It was nerve-wrecking and exciting because I had to give a final presentation on what I did this summer to Denise, my boss' boss, and her boss, Andy McDonald. And since all of the other interns for instructional design had already given Andy their presentation, my boss wanted me to blow my audience away and make myself memorable so that Andy might consider hiring me after I graduate. Plus, Jimmie had already started giving me a lot of pressure of doing really well for the past two weeks.

And I had already sent Jimmie and Matt my presentation earlier that week, and they tore it apart to help make it better. I'm really glad that they did, because it helped give me a better idea on my audience and made me be more creative with my presentation, and it really payed off. 

Andy is known for looking at his phone during meetings, only looking up when someone says something interesting. During my presentation, he only looked at his phone once when he first came on the screen. He gave a lot of feedback as well, and both he and Denise were impressed with my presentation. They said that they've had employees who've worked there for years and still can't give a good presentation like I did! And afterwards, Jimmie got a call from Denise who told him that mine was the best intern presentation they've seen this year. :D

So yeah, even though I was really nervous leading up to the presentation and messed up a little bit in the middle, I did really good and felt really proud of my presentation.

Afterwards, Jimmie and I went through the offboarding process, and things became sad as I said goodbye to all of my teammates. I felt like I really missed out on getting to know them all better because I was so shy and quiet for the majority of the internship; I only really got to talking to them all during the last month there. But yeah, it was a sad goodbye, but hopefully I'll see them all again next summer when I intern with AT&T again.

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