Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Crunch Time

As I expected, I did not do any homework over the break, lol. I was really hoping that I would be wrong, but I was unfortunately right. And since I lost all motivation to do any homework before the break since our internet went out, I have to do all of my homework today, which sucks because I have to do errands as well.

I actually could have at least started doing some of my homework last night after I got home from Atlanta, but I was really lazy and in a daze. Is it just me, or does this happen to many people, but after I come home from a break, I always feel lethargic and in a daze. So yeah, I spent the longest time online shopping for Christmas presents and watching YouTube videos instead.

And instead of starting on my homework this morning, I continued watching this anime called "The Irregular at Magic High School" that I started watching over the summer. It was still ongoing when school started, so I kind of forgot about it, but it was recently added onto Netflix, so I started rewatching it over the break since I forgot what happened. I'm halfway done, so I won't be wasting so much time watching it before finals start (hopefully).

I'm blogging right now because I'm rationalizing my procrastination, lol. My mom's making lunch, so we're going to eat soon, and we're going out to do errands after that, so I don't think I'll get around to doing any homework until four or five. 

Ironically, that's usually the time I start doing homework on Sundays anyway, so I don't feel that bad for procrastinating. However, I have a shitload of homework to do, so I really should be maximizing all of the free time that I have so that I don't have to stay up late for the next few nights. :\

an accurate description of this weekend, lol

But yeah, it's the week before finals, which means that everything's due this week, so I really should have been at the top of my game instead of procrastinating last minute. Let's see if I can survive the next two weeks. :P

On a different topic, my Thanksgiving Break was really enjoyable. Since we were taking my car to Atlanta, I had to drive since David isn't on our insurance, so that was my second time driving to Atlanta. We ran into some traffic, which was expected, and my phone's GPS froze at one of the more crucial moments, but we managed to navigate correctly while it finally started working again, so it wasn't that bad. 

We drove to Shelle's workplace since we had to pick up her keys to get into their apartment and got a tour of her office. Since she got off work in two hours, we just walked around to get lunch and hung around there so that she could just drive us home. 

We went to Kyle's  Jeet Kune Do practice that night, which was really cool. The instructor was really fast! We were joking around that we should pay attention so we could use those moves during Black Friday, lol.

That night, my phone started acting up. I had left it charging for a few hours since it was almost dead, but when I checked on it later, it said that it hadn't charged it at all. No matter how much I wiggled my charging cord, it wouldn't work, so I decided to restart it. It restarted, but got stuck at this one point in the beginning part of starting up. No matter how many times I restarted it, it would always get stuck on that one part. David told me that I should let it die and try it again the next day, so I did that. 

It still didn't work. :( Kyle tried to fix it since he works in IT and is really good at fixing electronics, but even he couldn't fix it. He said that all of the people who posted about this problem online also had to get a new phone. So yeah, I haven't had a phone for five days, lol. I'm going to Verizon with my mom later today to activate her old phone to use until our contract ends in May. It's not a smart phone, but I don't really care anymore, lol. It has a touch screen, but it also slides to the side so that I have a keyboard as well, which reminds me of my old phone. 

Anyway, the next day (the day Kyle tried to fix my crappy phone), we chilled around the house while Kyle went to work for half of the day before going shopping since Shelle and Kyle had to get ingredients to make their dishes for Thanksgiving the next day. We first went to Walmart, but since they didn't have a mixer that Shelle needed, we went to Target and got it there. 

We ended up going to Best Buy as well since Kyle had a $10 reward gift card. When we got there, there was already a line for Black Friday! There were two or three tents already set up at the side of the front of the store, which was crazy. 

Kyle and Shelle were looking at smart TVs for my dad since he said that he wanted a 65" one. They found one that they thought my dad would like, so they agreed to go back and buy it later that night since they couldn't fit the TV in Shelle's car with all five of us. Brian also ended up buying an Xbox One that night since his old Xbox 360 was acting up. 

So we got back home and put our stuff away before Shelle and Kyle went back to Best Buy. Kyle came back five minutes after they left to take Brian with them so that David and I could have some alone time, lol. 

See what had happen was... David and I did it for the first time on Saturday night, and we'd been kind of frisky since we got up to Kyle and Shelle's place since we got to sleep together in their game room while Brian slept on an air mattress in the living room. I was telling Shelle how I kind of wished that we'd wait to do it at another time since the both of us have been really wanting to do it again since but haven't had the time or opportunity to do it since. And I'd already told Shelle and Kyle that we weren't going to do it at their place since that was disrespectful.

But yeah, Shelle called me on Brian's phone that night while Kyle came back to pick up Brian to tell me that they were giving us some alone time so that we could do it while they were gone. Unfortunately, they didn't have any condoms left, so they told us that there was a Rite-Aid nearby that we could go to really quickly if we wanted to do it. 

We both knew that we wouldn't be able to do it in the time that they were gone since Shelle said we'd have around 30 minutes, but we decided to go get some condoms anyway to use in the future. And here's the funny part: since we forgot where the Rite-Aid was, we used David's GPS, and it told us that the closest one was 15 minutes away. So we went to that one even though we were sure that there was a closer one.

There was. We passed it on the way back to their apartment. -__-" Freakin GPS. We wasted half an hour, lol. Then, Shelle called again when we got back to ask us if we wanted slushies from Sonic and to see if we were busy. I told her about our adventure and she laughed, lol. But yeah, we had some time before they came back, so we just messed around for a little bit.

They came back, and we had a late dinner. Since it was late, and we were pretty tired, Shelle decided to bake her pound cake in the morning. Since Kyle's dad invited all of us to his house for Thanksgiving, Kyle was making a salad and Shelle a pound cake. David was her helper that morning, and I was Kyle's, lol.

We ended up leaving a little late since cooking took longer than expected and because Brian woke up sick. He woke up with a fever and kept on throwing up all morning. We weren't sure if he would even be able to go out, but he felt a little better by the time we left. He didn't eat much food and was drowsy because of the medicine, but he was fine until the very end when we were about to leave. That was when he puked. 

Since we had all stuffed ourselves silly for lunch and had plans to go Black Friday shopping that night, we took a nap when we got back to their place. We napped for a couple of hours before leaving to go to the Mall of Georgia at nine. It was just Kyle, David, and me going since Shelle stayed behind with the sick Brian.

It was pretty fun shopping. There was a lot of people there, but we found some good deals so I got a lot of Christmas presents for my friends that night. And I think I spent around $100, which wasn't bad at all considering they were all mostly gifts.

The next day was a chill day. We played Mario Cart of their Wii U and watched Kyle and David play Injustice while snacking and eating leftovers and watching Netflix for the rest of the night. 

The next day was Saturday, which was when we were going home. We ate at Tin Lizzy's since it was a mexican fusion place that Shelle told me about, which was really good before packing up and relaxing for a bit. Then we hit the road. 

So yeah, that was my break. It was relaxing and fun. Now I have to get out of vacation mode and actually start working on my everything since it's all due this week. Now is the time for stress and anxiety, lol. 

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