Friday, November 14, 2014

Homecoming, Birthday, MViet Dinner, & Other Things

I've been super busy these past few weeks because of clubs, classes, and family. So busy that I barely got on the computer to do anything other than homework or watch YouTube videos for a break. -__-"

First off, most of October was busy preparing for Homecoming since my club participated in the skit competition. Since we're a break dance club, we obviously danced in the majority of our skit. This year's homecoming theme was superheros, so we came danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to be zombies in the beginning before Thor came in to save Alec and Shena, our two college kids. Then we had an Iron Man dance before we krumped for the Hulk's dance. Since I suck at dancing, I only had to learn "Thriller" and the krumping dance. XD

Our practices were every Wednesday and Friday night, but we practiced almost every day the week of Homecoming, so that took up a lot of my time. It was pretty draining because the practices were always at eight at night, so I'd have to be on campus for more than 12 hours. On Fridays, it wasn't so bad because I had time to visit David and eat dinner for a couple of hours before practice.

But yeah, Homecoming was really fun. We had learned the dances by the week of Homecoming, but we weren't dancing in synch, so we spent a lot of time working on that a few days before the skit competition. It was fun. Even though we made a few mistakes and had a technical problem (one part of the audio track didn't play), the audience didn't really notice our mistakes and cheered for us a lot. (We ended up winning the non-Greek organization skit, but that was only because we were the only non-Greek group to compete this year, lol.)

The week after Homecoming was my birthday, and in between all of that was so many meetings for MViet in preparation for the dinner this week. I didn't really have much planned for my birthday since it was on a Tuesday, but it was a nice surprise to receive a bouquet of oriental lilies (lol, he didn't even look at the name of the flowers when he picked them out) and cake from Marc in class.

Then, David surprised me by bringing me a cupcake with dinosaur candles and a bunch of little things. He gave me an infinity scarf inside a cute box that had a whale card attached to the top, some Dum-Dums (inside joke), and a honeybadger don't care birthday card. He also asked me if I was free from 5-7 since we were going to have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, lol. It was pretty fun since some of my friends from MTB were there along with Steph and Stefan.

Then, the next day, some family from California came down to visit for a week. They came down to learn more about the chicken farming business from my dad since Michael was interested in it. Who knows if they'll be moving to Georgia anytime soon, though.

Even though they were here for a week, I barely saw them since I kept on coming home late every day because of club and group meetings. That, and they were usually gone on a trip with my parents, lol. But it was still entertaining talking to Leanne and Michael since they had a lot of stories and advice to tell us. Lol, apparently Leanne was intrigued about how David and I got together when Shelle was telling them about it since Leanne and Michael kept on claiming that they were old and weren't hip anymore about how people get together. Lol, Leanne wanted to know to prepare for what to do when her son, Ryan, eventually got a girlfriend. XD

Then the MViet dinner finally happened on Wednesday. For the past few years, the dinners had been buffet style where people just went to the tables of food to get whatever they wanted. This year, we decided to try to have a dim sum style dinner where waiters would come to the tables and serve customers food, which ended up being a lot more complicated than we expected.

First was getting enough serving carts and deciding on the menu and how to serve people. We ended up ordering four carts online and getting some members to assemble them after a meeting last week, and the menu kept on changing some food choices until the this week. One of the biggest problems we thought of was how to serve people since we had twelve round tables for customers to sit at and five carts, but we eventually figured it out by having teams of four people take over three tables in a row so that they could make sure that the servers kept track of the customers that they were in charge of.

And not many people wanted to be servers, which was the job position that we needed the most people to sign up for, so getting enough people was a challenge in the beginning. In the end, we got enough people to do it, and that was including David, Daniel (who Shena had forced/persuaded him to help us), and Kim, who eventually had second-thoughts about helping last minute, lol.

Overall, the dinner turned out pretty well. It was definitely busy, and because I hadn't really had lunch that day, it was extra tiring, lol. Loc, our president, still hasn't told us how much money we made, but I think it was pretty successful. I mean, we had almost full tables right until the last 30 minutes.

Cleaning up took a long time to do. The dinner ended at seven, but we, the people helping out with the event, started eating around 6:45 and cleaned up afterwards. Even though we ate pretty early, we still didn't totally finish cleaning up until around 9:30, which was when I had a group meeting with my debate team for Chinese Media. So yeah, it was a really long day, lol.

Jay, my Chinese Media professor, decided to split the class into groups and British Parliamentary debate each other on different topics regarding China for the rest of the semester instead of making us write two more papers, and my team was one of the teams debating the next day. That's why we decided to meet up the night before the debate to make sure that we were all on the same page and knew what to do the next day.

That meeting lasted until 10:30 since Shawn was 25 minutes late, so I didn't get home until 11, and I was so tired that I had called David while I drove home so that I wouldn't fall asleep while driving. Plus, even though we were both servers at the dinner and spent the majority of the day around each other, we barely saw each other once the event started, so it was weird seeing each other but not being able to talk or touch much throughout the whole day since we were so busy. I think that's why I really liked talking to him on the way home that night since we didn't have much chance to do so otherwise.

But yeah, I got home around 11 and took off my makeup and changed clothes while still on the phone with David until 11:30, when we hung up and I passed out from exhaustion around midnight since I was too tired to shower before going to bed. And the fun didn't end there.

Since I have Chinese Media at nine in the morning, and we have to dress up nicely for our debates, I had to wake up early to shower, put on makeup, and decide what to wear. To do that all in time to leave the house by 8:30, I had to wake up around 6:30, so I set my alarm that early. Yeah, when it went off six hours later, I turned it off and went back to sleep because I figured sleep was more important than a shower, so I slept til seven. Then I got up and did everything like planned, lol.

We ended up winning the debate, which was really surprising since our whole team thought that we did pretty crappy compared to Madison's team. But Jay said that it was a really close debate, and that our side brought more information to the table compared to the other team and that Josh's speech was the highlight of the debate, lol. It was funny since Josh had already pre-written his speech during the meeting the night before, and it was really sophisticated and good. So that was pretty cool.

The only thing was that sucked about that day was the fact that I was dead tired the whole day after the debate. I felt like I couldn't do anything because I was just too tired. I didn't even finish my homework for my other classes that, but luckily, they weren't hard assignments; just reading some chapters and finishing some roughs.

Yeah, I felt super unmotivated to do Assignment 5 that day, which was really bad because we were supposed to have them peer reviewed by the end of that day since it was due the next day. Instead, Raymond visited me for an hour before his class started, so we chilled until six. Then he went to class, and I went to go visit David since he was already home. I spent way too much time cuddling with him instead of doing homework...

On another note, as of earlier today, Dr. Vo, the adviser of our club, said that he wanted to throw a party for us next Tuesday to say thank you for all of the help, which is pretty cool. Loc also told us a few days ago that he wanted to treat us, the officers, to dinner some time next week, so we agreed to go to Olive Gardens next Friday, so that's also a bonus. I don't even have to work next Friday, so I can make it. :L

Oh yeah, basketball season's started up again last Friday, so I'll be busy working at concessions again. I worked at the women's game last week, which was also why I didn't really get to see my family from Cali that much that day. -__-" There's a men's basketball game today that I'm also working at, so I'll be busy for the majority of the day.

Tomorrow is Brian's birthday, and since he's turning 16, we're throwing a birthday party for him, so Saturday is going to be busy. David said that he'd come, so I'm not really sure how it's going to be for him to meet so many family friends. Awkward for sure, lol. I mean, I still haven't had to meet so many of his family yet either.

Then, I'm not sure if I'll go to temple on Sunday since I'm not sure how much homework I have to do. Regardless, I haven't been to temple for two weeks now, and I'm totally behind on Tai Chi training. :/

But yeah, lots of things happened recently that I never got a chance to blog about. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. But yeah, the semester's almost over, so I've been swamped with all of my classes demanding my attention, and I really don't want to do anything productive. For example, instead of reading the manuscript Marc and I are going to tech edit so that we can talk about what to do tomorrow after class, I've been blogging instead. :P

But yeah, I'll try to blog more frequently. This post is way too long, lol.

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