Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 5 and I'm Dying

The internet at home has been down since last Wednesday, and Brian and I are dying, lol.

All of my homework requires using the internet, but none of them are due until this Tuesday or after Thanksgiving Break, so I've just been procrastinating and not doing any of it. -__-" I really should have started doing my homework on Monday or Tuesday when I actually had free time. Instead, I put if off thinking that I could do it later in the week. Yeah, that was a great idea...

I've also been neglecting my homework because I've been spending too much time with David. He's been over for the past few days, which has made not having any internet not as bad as it could have been, lol. That, and I've been on the internet at school as well.

Anyway, I've been at Bare Bulb for the past four and a half hours today procrastinating and doing my finance homework, so I feel somewhat accomplished, lol.

I'll update on the situation later when I have the chance. Windstream said that they could send someone over on Monday to check up on our internet, so hopefully we'll have it back by then.

Also, my Thanksgiving Break starts on Tuesday after my last class ends, so things will be busy. Dr. Codone was nice enough to cancel class, so I'll be done by noon, and since we're spending Thanksgiving with Shelle and Kyle, I'm going to pick up Brian after class, go to David's house, and let him drive us up there so that we can make it on time to one of Kyle's classes later that night. All-in-all, it's going to be a busy break even though I have a lot of homework to do. D:

So yeah, I'll get back to you eventually, lol.

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