Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This semester is going to suckkkkkk

Wooooow, I have seriously been failing to blog much this month. I've just been really busy or not on my laptop lately. :\ Classes started yesterday, and I had a busy weekend, so I didn't really have any time to blog or anything.

But yeah, today was my second day of classes, and I'm already swamped with homework. D: I didn't really do any yesterday because David came over to Mercer so we could be study buddies and hangout, but we really weren't very productive, lol. I'm going to visit him at Macon State tomorrow, so hopefully we'll do better this time. XD

I knew this semester was going to be more difficult than the previous semesters because I'm taking 18 hours and have two hard core classes this semester, but damn, so many reading assignments and homework and possible pop quizzes. D: 

And what am I doing right now? Not my homework! I'm blogging! :D But really, all of my professors have basically told me that all of their classes are going to involve a lot of work and writing assignments, and I just want to cry already. D:

Hopefully I will survive. We'll see. XD

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