Monday, August 11, 2014

Sorry! I've been social lately! XD

Sorry for not being on so much lately. 

It would seem that I actually have a social life, lol. I've barely been home for the majority of this month so far, especially this last week. XD Basically, since school let out, I've been busy hanging out with people. 

On August 1st, David and I went to Atlanta to go to an MKTO concert with Shelle and Kyle. It didn't start until 7 that night, so we actually went to a small art museum with Shena and Alex earlier that day since they were both in Atlanta as well. Then we went to eat dinner at The Vortex with Shelle and Kyle before going to the concert, which was pretty fun.

After that, we went to their apartment and talked and goofed off and watched a bunch of The Lonely Island music videos because David had never heard of them before, which was ridiculous. We finally went to bed around two or three in the morning, lol. The thing is that both David and I are used to waking up early, so we were already awake since 8 the next day, so we cuddled and messed around for a couple of hours waiting for Shelle and Kyle to wake up or get out of bed. 

When they were finally out of bed, we ended up watching Pitch Perfect while Shelle cooked breakfast because David had never seen it before, which was unacceptable since he didn't understand one of the lines we kept on saying from the movie, lol.

By the time Shelle had finished cooking, it had turned into brunch instead, lol. We chilled for a little while more before heading out and going to Ikea since Shelle and Kyle needed to get some more furniture and because David had never been there before. That was pretty fun even though David and I were pretty tired already.

After that, the two of us finally went home. I guess it was because of all of the time we had spent together recently combined with the stuff that we did that morning, but we ended up asking each other personal questions and having a deep conversation, which was nice.

We stopped at the McDonald's near my house to eat dinner before going back to my house. My dad had called earlier asking when I was going to be home and telling me that he was going to the farm later that night with my mom possibly coming along as well, so I thought that we would have time to makeout a bit before David had to go. Yeah, apparently my parents had changed their mind and were both home that night. -__-"

That following Monday last week, I went to Atlanta with Jackie, Shanice, and David because we had been planning on going to there to try Korean food all summer but never had the time for it, lol. I invited David last minute because he had wanted to try it, too, and because I thought it would be nice for him to know some of the people who were going to be at the fancy schmancy already so that it'd be less awkward for him. 

We went to Super H-Mart to try some kimbap and duk bok gi from the restaurants inside as a quick lunch. Then we went shopping for snacks before going next door and getting bubble tea. I got the melon one, which tasted exactly like the melon ice cream that I love, so that was pretty cool. 

Then we went to the Mall of GA to go shopping and to walk off all of the food we consumed so we could make room for dinner at Iron Age, which has an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ option that we were going to do. Yeah, we weren't even hungry by the time we went to eat (we tried to eat early since we had to leave Atlanta by 8), but we still managed to eat six servings of meat, which was ridiculous. 

After that, we went next door and got a fruit bingsoo at this cafe, whose name I always forget, lol. Even though we were all stuffed to the max, they wanted to try it since it was going to be our dessert.

Then we went home and David left, while the rest of us drove over to Jackie's house to watch the new episode of Teen Wolf. XD Afterwards, even though we were all really sleepy, I drove us to CVS and Walmart since Jackie needed to get some stuff for her hair that she had to do before she went to sleep. We didn't want her to go by herself, so we all went and ended up learning a lot about hair care, lol.

That Wednesday, I thought I had orientation for work and had made plans to hangout with Lauren afterwards. I didn't realize until the middle of the night when I was about to go to bed that it was this Wednesday instead, so I hungout with Lauren earlier than expected and ended up shopping at the Riverside Mall and getting some makeup to wear for the Fancy Schmancy Get Together before going back to her house and watching No Game No Life, which was both hilarious and genius. 

The next day, David came over in the morning so we could hangout before my mom came home, and we ended up watching YouTube videos and cuddling for the first bit before we starting messing around and making out and learning how to give each other hickeys, lol. Yeah, we messed around for at least two hours before I got really hungry and wanted to eat ice cream. -__-" Then we watched some more YouTube videos before he had to go pick up his sis from school. 

On Friday, I hungout at Meethu's house for the longest time, catching up and watching Netflix with her, her mom, and sis when she came home from school. Yeah, we ended up watching The Human Centipede 2 and being so grossed out and disgusted. Then we decided to watch some episodes of My Strange Addiction and the first episode of Goosebumps after that. -__-" 

We went back to Meethu's room and talked for a while after that. Then Shelle came home with Kyle so I eventually left around 9:30 and spent the rest of the night talking with them. We we were all going to the farm the next morning so that Kyle could fix my dad's computer and eat lobster that Shelle had bought on Friday, so I decided to invite David as well so he could meet my parents with Kyle around as a buffer, but that didn't really work out. 

My dad was supposed to pick all of us up from home and take us to the farm since he was going to be in town, and because I had invited David really last minute (the night before), I hadn't had a chance to ask my parents if he could come as well since I knew that they'd be mad if I just brought him over unexpectedly. So I called my dad to see where he was since David had already come over and asked him if he wanted to meet David. My dad said yeah and that he'd see him when he got home and decide then if we should bring him to the farm because he knew my mom would then be mad at all of us since she doesn't approve of David. 

After waiting for my dad to come pick us up, he called Shelle and told her to just drive us to the farm because his truck had a flat tire, which made me call my mom and ask her if she wanted to meet David, to which she answered with a flat no. Like, damn, she didn't even consider it. I was lying with my head in his lap so he heard everything, too. 

So David basically had to go back home, which made all of us feel bad for inviting him over so early in the morning in the first place. But we had made plans to hangout later after we got back from the farm when we went to Best Buy. Unfortunately, things came up for him so he couldn't come over after all, which sucked because my parents were going to a party later that night, so we would have had a couple of hours to hangout. :\

Instead, I went to Best Buy with Kyle, Shelle, and Brian, before we went to Books a Million and looked at a lot of their merchandise before Shelle actually bought some books. Then we went to Coldstone Creamery and got ice cream before going back home where Kyle and Shelle had set up DDR and we played it for the rest of the night until midnight when I had to figure out which dress to wear for the Fancy Schmancy. 

And finally, yesterday was the Fancy Schmancy Get Together, which was really fun and hilarious. It was the first time we had a Fancy Schmancy and invited our boyfriends as well. The last time we had a get together and invited the boyfriends, it was more of a casual affair, lol. But Krista and her boyfriend ended up not being able to make it because they got food poisoning or some sickness, and Shanice ended up not being able to make it because she was scheduled to work that morning and afternoon, which was disappointing.

Still, it was really funny because Luke was super hilarious, and we were all pretty ridiculous whenever we weren't reminiscing about high school, lol. Everyone came over to my house to meet up, and David ended up being the one late, which was a surprise to everyone since Meethu and Jackie are usually the late ones, lol. We eventually went to Cheddar's and it was kind of awkward in the beginning, but that was to be expected since we all didn't know everyone at the table that well. But it got better as the time went on, I think. XD

Then we went to Target like tradition and spent way too much time in the dollar section near the front of the store before spending too much time goofing off at the hat section like usual. Then we spent the rest of the time playing around in the toy section before going back to my place to play Apples to Apples before Emily and Nathan had to leave. Jackie had to leave a little bit later because of work, so that just left Meethu, Luke, David, me, Brian, and eventually Shelle and Kyle after they came back from the farm to play Uno for a while.

After Shelle and Kyle left to go back to Atlanta, we decided to play Politics and then Mao until our brains were fried from trying to remember all of the rules, lol. Then Mommy came home so we were like, let's go to Meethu's house and play Pictionary! So we all went downstairs to go to Luke's car, and my mom ended up making eye contact with David before we left, and we ended up playing the game with her mom and sis, and Luke is apparently the undefeated champion of the game and completely trashed us all at it, lol. 

It had started raining while we were playing the game, so we were all just trying not to get drenched going back to Luke's car so he could drive us back to my house so David could get his car and give Luke his and Meethu's leftover food from Cheddar's which was still in his car, before dropping Brian and me off in our driveway so we didn't have to run far to go inside our garage. 

Our mom was eating dinner by the time we came inside, so we just ate with her. She didn't mention anything about the fact that I had boys upstairs or the fact that she saw David or anything, which was really weird. o__O

While we were halfway through playing Pictionary, I started getting tired, and after dinner, I was really sleepy. That was probably why I fell asleep watching some stuff on YouTube later that night and didn't see David's text until 30 minutes after he sent it asking if I wanted to talk since he felt like he didn't pay enough attention to me today. Lol, the dork is really too sweet.

I called him after that, and we ended up talking until two this morning. XD We talked a lot about everything that had happened at the Fancy Schmancy and my friends and their boyfriends and friends in general before talking about our relationship and questions we should be asking each other. Then we were confessing truths and opinions, and I started teasing him a lot to make it difficult for him to wait to see me on Tuesday because I am evil, lol. 

Because I was so sleepy and then distracted by my phone call with David, I didn't get a chance to text Emily and Meethu about hopefully meeting up today to catch up and talk about our boyfriends, but it didn't matter since Emily's busy taking care of her grandma today anyway. I don't think we're going to have a chance to hangout with her at all this week before she leaves for GA Southern on Thursday because she's so busy and because I'll be busy on Wednesday with my orientation. :(

But yeah, that's what's been up recently. I'll be busy this week as well, but probably not as much since I've only got plans for Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Saturday and Sunday. And school starts next week, and I'm not ready for that just yet. D:

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