Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vampire Knight Fangirling & Cupcakes ...& Stuffs :D

If you've been following me on goodreads over last weekend (which I highly doubt, lol), then you'd know that I finally caught up on reading all of my Vampire Knight manga that I had bought a while back during a sale over at deepdiscount.

Originally, when I first read Vampire Knight in ShojoBeat, I was hooked [more like obsessed, lol]. It was the main reason why I started reading Shojobeat and eventually subscribing to it before it had to close down a few years ago. Basically, Vampire Knight introduced me to the shojo manga genre. Ever since, I've been a huge fan of shojo manga [and shonen anime, lol] and an even bigger fan of Vampire Knight.

However, ever since I started high school, I kind of cut down on reading as much manga, and I eventually forgot about keeping up with Vampire Knight since Shojobeat was canceled. I mean, I still read and buy a lot of manga [I have over 40 different series although at least a third of them are only the first volumes], but I only kept up with some of the series. It wasn't until only recently that I started buying so much manga again since I kept on finding really great deals online. :D

So anyway, back to the topic: Vampire Knight is AMAZING. Over the weekend, I read volumes 6-11, and I couldn't stop gasping, squeeling, and OMG WHAT?!-ing, lol. So much happens and the series takes such an unexpected turn of events! I'm not gonna spoil it since I hate it when people spoil the plot, but I can definitely tell you why Vampire Knight was always in the bestsellers list every time a new volume came out: Matsuri Hino knows how to leave a serious cliffhanger. She left cliffhangers that made you want to immediately go and preorder the next volume so that you could get it as soon as possible. I was so happy to have all of the volumes on hand since the cliffhangers killed me.

However, since I finished reading all of my copies, I now have to wait ages for the next volume to come out in June along with anyone else. I know that there are sites online that have already translated all of the latest chapters of the manga, but I'd rather wait and read it all at once when it finally comes out. There's nothing better than chillaxing in bed with an awesome book or manga in hand. :)

There's also an anime of Vampire Knight with two seasons already out, although I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore seasons... But yeah, each season is 13 episodes long, and I want to watch them now since I found out that there's a lot of action scenes later on in the volumes.

I had already knew that Vampire Knight was going to be adapted into an anime for a while now, but I wasn't really interested in it since --this is kind of shallow, but it's true-- the anime art couldn't compare to the manga. I mean, the manga is drawn so beautifully, and the anime just didn't seem to do it justice from what I could see in the trailers.

You can check out the first season's trailer here.

But really, look at the art! It's beautiful. I love the clothes that the characters wear in the series. The slight gothic lolita style and the trench coats and button-ups are classy and tasteful. Very refined LIKE HOW VAMPIRES ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK. THEY DON'T SPARKLE! >:P

Unfortunately, I couldn't find many good pics of the characters in casual clothing like in the trench coats and stuff, so just go out and read Vampire Knight for yourself! :D You can definitely tell that the art gets better as the volumes go on!

Let me say this now before I forget: I don't necessarily hate the Twilight series. I mean, I liked the books when I read near the end middle school [except for Breaking Dawn, that book was so anti-climatic! Seriously.], but I don't really like the movies and how they're becoming so overrated. Granted, I've only watched the first movie, so I can't exactly bash the others, but really, the amount of insane, young fangirls who only watch the movies/read the books because Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are so hot makes me not want to be associated with Twilight at all.

Also, the other week, I had to find some pictures of cupcakes as part of my US History project. I had to make my own labor union, so I made the International Cupcake Union (ICU). I had to find an appropriate cupcake picture as my logo, so I drew a cupcake with eyes.

While I was looking for inspiration, I ran across these awesomely creative cupcake designs! Have a look! They're so cute!

I have found a picture of the coolest stairs ever created. Evar. XD It brings out the kid in you. :3

So, I'm reading All the King's Men for AP Lang right now. There are two words that I remember while reading one chapter of the book: mortal compulsions.

I HAVE MORTAL COMPULSIONS. I spent around $100 on books and manga and some bracelets on Monday! D: I can't stop spending money... ;-;

You will see all of them when they come in the mail, lol. The bracelets actually came yesterday! They're pretty awesome. :D

Also, today, I saw this amazing international cover for Graceling by Kristin Cashore, one of my favorite books! I think it's the Korean version, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, it's beautiful. :)

Now I have to go study for my AP Bio test tomorrow!


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