Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teenage Stupidity

I had to ride the bus home today since none of my friends could give me a ride home like usual. On the bus, I found out some news and witnessed an incident that has reminded me just how stupid and ignorant most teens are. Especially in society today.

Moments after leaving the school, I overheard from the two girls sitting behind me that a 15 year old girl at our school, a freshmen, has gotten pregnant. I also heard that she's been going out with her boyfriend for two years, so at least it's not that bad; it's not like she had a random hookup with a stranger or anything. *insert sarcastic eye-roll here* I don't even know where to start.

Seriously, a freaking freshman is pregnant [and she definitely isn't the first girl to be pregnant at our school]? And she was all casual about it? Like it's nothing? 

Girl, you are stupid. You can't even take care of yourself; what makes you think you can handle a baby? That's right, you freaking can't. Most likely, you're going to rely on your parents, and you pretty much screwed up your life. Good luck with that.

And WTH? Kids are having sex younger and younger these days! They're doing things they can't even comprehend the consequences of doing such acts will bring! Quit trying to act like an adult! Your mental capacity is no where near one such as an adult, so quit pretending and enjoy your youth while you still have it. 


Jeez, when I see kids like these, I just want to shake some sense into them. Mainly, I see girls who want to be more mature, and I feel sad whenever I look at their attempts; they just don't seem to comprehend that girls are already more mentally mature than boys their age. They don't have to act any older than they already are. Maybe it's because they are more mature than the boys their age that they act like this. Since they think that the boys their age are too stupid for them, they'll try to catch older, more mature guys' attention instead. 

I don't know. I mean, I see little girls already wearing makeup or low-cut shirts and skinny jeans that are way too tight for them to do any practical movements all the time whenever I go out. The majority of those girls are in middle school, but still, this is not good. By the time they go to college, they'll have their faces caked with makeup and have slept with plenty of guys because they think that they're the one for them only to find out that it's not going to work out.

I could go on about how my generation and all of the younger generations have messed up morals, but that won't stop anything. Also, I'm sick-ish, so I don't want to take so long typing up this post since I really want to take a nap afterwords. But I had to write this post because of my anger and incredulity when I realized just how screwed up teenagers are becoming.

The other incident that I saw/heard on the bus today happened when we were in the first of the neighborhoods that we go to to drop kids off. We were riding down one road and passed a guy riding a bike. As we got closer to him, we could see that he was kind of overweight, and because all of the high school guys on my bus are immature asses, they yelled out, "Peddle, fatty, peddle!"

I really hope that he could not hear their yells. They didn't shout it out of a window, but they said it loud enough for everyone in the back of the bus to hear it. 

What they said was really rude and just plain mean. I got so angry at what they said. I mean, at least that the guy knows that he has a health issue and is working to try and get better. But do those idiots on the bus understand that? No, they don't. All they see is an overweight guy on a bike.

Argh! This is why I can't stand riding the bus home! Most of the high schoolers are loud and obnoxious and totally ignorant. They gossip, cuss, act like they're badasses, and think they're all that. It's painfully obvious they're not. Sure, they have plenty of friends, but how many of their friends know the real them? The one that doesn't act like a tough guy or the girl who is really just insecure? 

Aren't we all insecure? Isn't half of what we do all just an act? At least, that's what I realized a while back about myself when I thought about all of my acts. And, after watching people around me and reading many books about this issue, that's the conclusion that I've come up with: we're all unsure of how to fit in, we're insecure.

So everyone puts on a mask in which very few people truly know the real person behind the cover. While some masks fit in with society's "norm," others' masks make them act like loud, thick-skinned, ignorant teenagers. Unfortunately, a lot of those kids have to ride my bus. :/

All of this is obviously a generalization since there are plenty of exceptions, but you know what I mean.

So yeah, that's what I felt like ranting about for today. Although I doubt that this post will do much to change the world, at least I've had my say in it. :P



PS: Here is an example of teenage stupidity on the internet. Enlarge to see the whole thing. You will be disgusted by her stupidity and ignorance.

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