Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I HAVE TIME TO READ!!! :D And Movie News

As you can tell from the title, I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO READ!!! ...and do other things that I've been wanting to do which has also been piling up along with my TBR pile. -__-"

But yes, Winter Break has finally started, so I don't have to go back to school until next Tuesday! I don't have a whole week off like last year and I've got homework for half of my classes, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get. :)

Also, I've finished reading All the King's Men for my AP class a couple of hours ago, so I can finally read some other books! On the headboard of my bed is a very tall pile of books that I plan on reading at least one-third of by the end of the break. Granted, four of the books I plan on reading are manhwa, whatever; they still count! :P

That pile is where I put all of the books that I plan on reading whenever I need another book to read; I just pick out the book that fits my mood. The other piles of books around my room are all of my TBR books, lol.

But yeah, I plan on getting my read on during the break as well as catching up on movies, variety shows, and possibly an anime if I can squeeze it in. What sucks is that whenever I plan to do something, I almost never finish it. -__-" So let's see if I can accomplish this goal. Small steps. :3

Now for some movie news! 

I didn't realize until Monday that I Am Number Four is out this Friday. I totally forgot about it! After I finished reading the book over the weekend, I'm not as excited to watch the movie as I initially was, but I'm still going to watch it. Eventually. :P

Also, I found out that Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is being made into a movie! I read the book around two years ago, so the details are kind of vague to me, but I do remember absolutely loving the book. I'm not sure how the movie is going to be directed since the majority of the book is told through cassette tapes, but it sounds interesting enough.

However, there's a news article saying that Selena Gomez is going to play as Hannah, the narrator of the cassette tapes who is basically another main character. I don't have anything against Selena Gomez, but I'm really tired of having Disney stars getting the lead roles of movies acting as characters that their image doesn't really fit. Like the rumors saying that Miley Cyrus is acting as Janie in the Wake movie

Wake is the first book in the Dream Catcher trilogy by Lisa McMann. I also read Wake around two years ago, but I really liked it and have been wanting to read the rest of the trilogy for a while now. But only when I get around to finishing all of my other TBR books! 

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't don't think that either actresses look right for their roles. For one, Hannah is not supposed to be pretty. But whatever, if they can pull it off, then I wish them the best. I'll still prolly prefer the book anyway. :P

Also, I just found out that The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is being made into a movie! Whoa! I was so not expecting that. I read this in my freshmen year [also two/three years ago] and also really loved it. This is suddenly becoming a theme, isn't it?

I'm really excited to see how the movie turns out since the book's setting is in the 90's, and I should really reread the book sometime soon since I forgot everything but the main events. Also, it turns out that Emma Watson [Harry Potter series, duh] and Logan Lerman [played as Percy from The Lightning Thief] are the main characters! For once, I think they finally chose some good actors. :P 

The movie comes out sometime next year, so I definitely have some time to reread the book. :)

And the best news for last [although it's not really the best news since the wait is so long...], THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE FINALLY HAS A RELEASE DATE! MARCH 23, 2012 [that's more than a year away! ;-;]. And they've already chosen Peeta?!

According to imdb, Gabriel Liortta is playing Peeta. 

Although there are sites saying that it's just a rumor or not true in general, if it's false, how come imdb hasn't fixed it yet? 

Well, we'll find out eventually as the time gets nearer. 

That's all for movie news! Now, I'm going to bombard you with amazingly creative pictures of things made out of sandwiches because they're awesome. Who would have ever thought of doing this their lunch? XD

And that's it for now. I'm gonna go and watch We Got Married. :D

But before I go, look! A cute lil' chickie! :3


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