Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cutting my hair

For the past couple of months before the spring semester ended, I've been telling my friends that I was finally going to get a haircut--or at least a trim because my split ends were getting ridiculous. A couple of months ago, before I left to go to Atlanta for the summer, I got a trim, but it was only two or three inches, and I wasn't very satisfied with it. I hadn't had a trim in so long that I had way too many split ends, and the trim couldn't get them all.

This past Sunday, I finally got my hair cut. I had spent so long in the months before debating on dying my hair or cutting the bottom half of my head off and leaving it buzzed that I still couldn't decide what to do when the time came. It also didn't help that I wasn't planning on cutting it for another couple of days so I could figure out what type of cut I wanted, so in the end, I chopped 7-8 inches of my hair off. I also got it layered and shorten my bangs a little bit.

I love it! I love having shorter hair and having my head feel so much lighter and not worrying if it was being caught in something. But. But but but. I think I could have cut it a little bit shorter or done one of those hair styles that I've been contemplating on for a while now, because my sis did point it out that my new haircut is usually the same haircut I get whenever I decide to cut it short. I don't cut it short often, but it's often enough to notice a pattern. I didn't realize it until she pointed it out. 

Now, I'm still debating on doing one of those haircuts... The only thing holding me back is the price, lol. I'm not working anymore, and I've got a lot of plans for the rest of the year that I need to save up for, and I don't know how much I should be spending on another haircut, especially so soon after I just got one.

Regardless, I'm really loving my hair in general. It feels so much better, it doesn't take as long to dry, it doesn't get in my way as much when I work out, and it doesn't make me want to pull my hair out, especially in this humid heat.  

A lot of the reasons why I cut my hair is explained in this video I found a month ago. Ariel pretty much summed up my reasons with her own, and she explains it so easily, so just watch it!

A lot of people mistake the phrase "be you" as "continue to be who people remember you as." I'm also guilty of this. My long hair is familiar; I've grown it out for as long as I was a kid. I'm used to having long hair, which is why I think it's been long overdue for a haircut. I need something new and different. I'm in grad school. I have one more year before I graduate and have to look for jobs and continue to be an adult, and I think it's time that I stop always doing what is comfortable and safe and do something different every once in a while. 

To be honest, I don't totally know my own motivations. Maybe it's an accumulation of hitting the undergrad milestone. Maybe it's an accumulation of too many split ends. Maybe it's an accumulation of too many longhaired struggles. It's probably all those and more. Either way, I finally got a haircut. I love it, and I might cut it even shorter or do something even more drastic soon. We'll see!

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