Friday, June 3, 2016

Temporarily Adulting This Summer

This is my second week interning at AT&T again this summer, and it’s been busy for sure. I moved into my apartment the weekend before work started up and then spent the rest of the weekend with David helping Kyle and Shelle move into their new house. It was a long and tiring weekend, lol.

The same day I started work was the same day my two online classes started. Luckily (or unluckily, I’m still debating), my online classes aren’t a hybrid of any sort like how they were during the school year. We don’t meet up online at all; there’s just quizzes and exercises due every week or two along with some papers that need to be turned in. These classes are only five weeks long, so they’re pretty packed, and I’m already dreading having to write so many papers around the same time. D:

It’s really hard finding the motivation to study every night after having to cook dinner and clean and just be lazy, lol. I still haven’t found the time or motivation to workout either, which also sucks because I’m running a 5k with my friends next Saturday. Definitely need to work on it this upcoming week.

I’m trying to come up with a routine to make sticking to a healthy schedule easier, but we’ll see, lol. I’ve been addicted to watching The Flash since last weekend, so we’ll see how well I am at sticking to a schedule.

Last weekend was Memorial weekend, so I had Monday off. Even though my parents and bro went on a six-day trip to the Dominican Republic that weekend, I still went home to get some stuff and to visit the bae. It didn’t start off that great, since I ended up getting mad at him right before I was about to get off the interstate to go home, but we worked it out. It ended up being a good weekend. We went to the movies and watched the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie, which was awesome. Then we spent the rest of the weekend goofing off and doing errands.

I’m going home again this weekend, since my family’s back home now. I’ll probably have to leave early Sunday morning since it’s forecasted to thunderstorm this weekend. :( We’ll see. Still slightly unsure about going since people drive ridiculously slow and there are so many accidents, so getting back would take forever. :/

But yeah, I’m temporarily adulting this summer, which is different. I was kind of doing the same last summer, but I was with Kyle and Shelle, so it wasn’t like I was living by myself. This summer, I’m living in an apartment with another girl, who is actually pretty cool; I’m glad that we get along. We’re going to have two more girls move in with us soon, so I hope that they’ll be cool as well and not steal my food or anything, lol. I’ve never lived in a dorm or in an apartment with strangers before, so this is my first experience.

I’ve been cooking almost everyday, and I can tell how lazy I’ve been, lol. Sometimes, it’s just easier to make tortellini’s or mashed potatoes, okay? Especially if you forgot to thaw your chicken beforehand. I also realized that I don’t really enjoy eating that much? Or at least I don’t enjoy eating my own cooking half of the time? It mainly happens at lunch, so I think it’s just because my food gets cold before I’m done eating it, and I’m too lazy to go back to reheat it, so it’s just not as appetizing, lol. But yeah, I think making my own food is making me lose interest in eating or something? It’s really weird.

Oh man, how could I forget to tell you my most recent event until now? I locked myself out of my room last night. I was rushing to leave to meet up with my family for dinner since they just landed last night, and Shelle and Kyle had gone to pick them up since I was busy doing homework until the last minute, lol. Because of that, I was quickly grabbing all of my stuff and forgot to grab my apartment keys before I locked my door from the inside and closed it. Luckily, I grabbed my roomie, who was also going out, and she gave me the front door key since she wasn’t coming back until late.

I went to dinner anyway, and then went back to my apartment and tried to figure out how to drive inside the gate since I didn’t have my remote either. Fortunately, a couple of people came out to let their friends inside the gate as well, so they did the same for me after I asked them. Turned out that they were on my floor, so they let me in the parking lot door as well, which also required the remote, thus saving me time waiting for someone else to leave or arrive to ask to open the door from me.

I tried to open the door to my room using an old credit card, but it didn’t work, so I gave up and made mash potatoes for lunch for the next day and cut up the watermelon that my parents gave me last week before they left the country. I did a couple of stuff in the kitchen and then gave up.

While I was waiting on David to call me back, I checked my email and saw that someone had posted on the apartment community forum on what to do if you get locked out of your apartment. Hallelujah! Management had already answered her question, so I found out that I didn’t have to wait until the morning when the Leasing Office opened at 9, which would have made me late to work, and I just had to call their Courtesy Patrol and tell them my issue, so I did that. The guy called me back within a couple of minutes, and I was able to get into my room around midnight, lol.

Lesson learned: always have a duplicate key somewhere, and put all of my keys together so I don’t forget any of them, and always check every possible means of getting help.

So those have been my temporarily adulting adventures so far, lol. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. :D

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