Friday, June 17, 2016

8k, reunion, homework, & procrastination

It just started raining out of nowhere an hour ago, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to focus on my homework well today, lol. I took today off of work so that I'd be able to have more time to work on my paper and midterm this weekend, since they're due Sunday and Monday, but I still haven't found the motivation to start researching my topic, and my teacher still hasn't uploaded the link to the midterm yet. 

I've realized that I'm pretty much screwed until summer school is over. My classes are only six weeks long, so everything's condensed, which means that I've got to read at least 3-4 chapters a week and have homework due every week and a couple papers to write. I can't bring myself to write anything; I think I'm still burnt out from fall semester, lol.

It sucks because I spend the first half of the week procrastinating, and then the rest of the week trying to study and do my homework in between everything else. Last weekend was definitely a testament to that. My friends and bf were coming up Friday night to spend the weekend because we were going to run an 8k the next day and had friends from out of state come visit, so it was a very busy weekend.

Don't get me wrong, it was great. I got to hangout with a lot of friends and met a lot of cool people because of Kenny and Carl's homecoming, and I got to try a lot of new Asian restaurants as well. Plus, the 8k was an experience in itself, lol.

First, we had to wake up at 4:30 to be able to leave by 5. The drive to Savannah was three hours long, which was actually pretty fun, because we were all actually wide awake and joking around the whole time. Then came parking and registering, which was pretty hilarious. We all drank a lot of water on the way there, so we all really, really needed to pee when we finally got there and parked somewhere.

Our start time was 9:28, so we had enough time to stretch before we set off. (I just wanted to let you know that, all of us thought that this Jail Break Mud Challenge was a 5k until the night before when Harrison was looking at their Facebook page to see what type of obstacles there would be and found out that it was 5 miles long, so this 8k took a lot longer than I thought it would.) There were a total of 52 obstacles that we had to go through. You always had the option to skip them if you didn't want to do them, which was good, because there was a part where you basically had to go across a part of the lake by holding onto a rope that stretched the whole distance a few feet above the water or just swim the whole length. David and I definitely skipped that part since neither of us could swim. 

I should also mention that I almost drowned because another obstacle at the lake was to jump off of these floating wooden parts of a bridge that we had to jump onto to each part of to get across the lake. At the end of the bridge pieces, there was a meter of just the lake that you had to jump into to get to land. The group in front of us told us that the water went up to 5 feet, so we didn't worry about it that much. Regardless, Harrison and Alec jumped into the water first to make sure. Since they were fine, David and I jumped in afterwards, and I found that I was definitely not tall enough to stand in the water like the rest of the guys, so I had to jump up as quickly as I could to grab onto the wooden bridge so that I wouldn't drown. David ended up carrying me in a princess hold until we got to the shallower parts of the water. 

Another memorable obstacle was one near the end of the race. You had to go down a porta potty (they took out the bottom part, so you just literally fall through the bottom) and land in the extra squishy, thick, muddy water underneath. This obstacle led you to the next obstacle, which was definitely one of the hardest ones there. You had to walk through an ice bath, which was filled with bags of ice that also slowed you down. Lol, all of the guys really needed a minute afterwards to recuperate because their balls were frozen. 

Man, I don't even know if my shoes will ever be the same. I still haven't properly cleaned them since the 8k. We had to walk through so many muddy areas, probably for at least two or three miles, so I'm not sure if they're salvageable. 

What I really liked about this 8k was that you could sign up in teams of two or four to do the race tied together. They give you ropes that you can hook onto, so that made everything even more interesting and challenging.

We finished the race in around 2.5 hours and then spent a long time trying to wash all of the mud off of us in the giant outdoor shower that they provided. We ate a Cuban restaurant afterwards, and then went to Harrison's apartment to wash off, since it was closer than my apartment. We pretty much slept throughout the 2 hour whole trip to Harrison's--even Harrison fell asleep at the wheel for a moment, lol. Then we went back to my apartment to wait for Carina to come and to catch a late dinner with the rest of the crew who came up to visit. Everyone but Carina and the 8k crew wanted to go drinking afterwards, but we were wiped, so we went back to my place, waited until Carina's parents picked her up, and went to sleep, lol.

I thought that I would be able to sleep in for once the next day since the day before was exhausting, but nope. I woke up at 8 and couldn't go back to sleep. We all kind of woke up around 9:30, and found out that Alec actually ended up sleeping under my bed. He had somehow managed to slide off of his air mattress, which was next to the bed, and wound up curled up around the pole in the middle of my bed. It was hilarious.

We got breakfast at Ikea, since it's right across the street, and then Alec and Harrison left to go do a ninja course with Kenny and Shena while David and I stayed at my apartment to do homework, since they were due later that night. We met up to eat lunch with them and got boba tea afterwards at Kung Fu Tea, which is apparently Alec and Carina's favorite place for boba, and now I can see why. Their mango slush was amazing. I definitely have to go back, lol.

Afterwards, the guys all left, and I spent the rest of the night doing my homework and turning it in 2 minutes before the deadline, lol.

It was definitely an eventful weekend, lol. This weekend is busy as well. I'm going to try to do my homework soon because I'm going over to Kyle and Shelle's house tonight for dinner. I'm spending the night there because I'm gonna help her with wedding stuff tomorrow, and then the three of us are going home that night since it's Father's Day on Sunday. 

I just wished that I had better time management skills, because it's hard juggling my internship, my social life, and my grades, especially when it's during the summer, which is practically programmed into my brain to equate itself to just slacking off. 

My internship ends on July 29th, so that means that I have a few weeks to relax before school starts again, so that's my main goal right now, lol: survive until summer classes are over or until my internship ends. 

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