Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sometimes you just need to recharge

It's been a busy week. :)

Lauren, David, and I went to Paranoia Quest - Escape the Room on Sunday, which was really fun. Our school had a 15 minute Escape the Room challenge a month ago that Lauren, Carina, and I participated in and ended up really liking, so Lauren found another one in Atlanta on Groupon that we were interested in. We did the Zombie Apocalypse challenge, which was the easiest one that they had. We were only a minute away from completing the challenge! :( Lol, but it was still fun, so that's all that mattered.

On Tuesday, I hungout with Meethu and Emily for a couple of hours. We talked and just chilled in my room, lol. Then David and I went to hangout with our Mercer gang afterwards. We ate dinner at El Camino, which just recently opened up in Macon. It was really good! A little pricey, but definitely different and actual realistic taco proportions, lol. The torta that I ordered, was really good. Afterwards, we walked it all off by exploring downtown Macon and taking a lot of pictures. I was using some of Carina's phone lenses that I got her for her birthday, and the fisheye lens made everything look awesome. Plus, the weather was really nice and the sky looked ridiculous that day.

Wednesday, David and I went to his friend's, Brittany, little party. We ended up watching Hush and Zootopia while waiting for people to show up and eating chili dogs. Then we played games, which were hilarious. We played I've Never, which was basically the card game version of Never Have I Ever, and it hilarious because Brittany pretty much struck out three times before we finished the game. We were invited to Jessica's kickback later that night, but we didn't go since we were so busy laughing and playing games at Brittany's place until 2AM.

Thursday, Cam invited us over to his apartment for a pool day, so we talked and played with his cats while waiting on Jessica. We went over to the pool and sat in chaise already sitting in the shallow end of the pool and just chilled for a while. The sun was starting to set by the time we left to change and get food. We went to Wendy's, and I got to try the new Jalepeno Fresco chicken sandwich, which was actually spicy! Lol, most "spicy" food from fast food restaurants are never actually that spicy, but the Wendy's sandwich was actually too much for me to handle towards the end. My mouth was on fire! I also found out that I liked their Tropical Green Tea; it wasn't diabetic like how most people in the south like their tea.

On Friday, I got lunch at Roly Poly with Cam, which is our tradition. Ever since we ate there a couple of times during the summer that we worked together, we always try to get Roly Poly together whenever we remember about it, which isn't often. -__-" I think we mainly remember once every semester, lol. Usually, it's just us eating lunch together, so it's a good time for us to vent about stuff without other people overhearing us. Today, Cam was venting about his relationship problems, which was a lot more serious than I thought they were. He's in a really difficult situation, and while it seems pretty obvious to me that he needs to breakup with his boyfriend, he still wants to give him the benefit of a doubt to see if he'll change while he's away for a week on a family vacation. I just hope that he doesn't prolong making his decision. It really sucks that we'll be separated this summer, because I know that he's going to need some close friends nearby no matter what decision he makes.

Afterwards, I did a couple of errands at school and picked up David from his house. We hungout at my house with him helping me decide on what art stuff to get rid of and just chilling. He watched YouTube videos and played video games while I read a book and occassionaly bothered him with kisses and tickles. It was very relaxing, lol.

But yeah, it's been a surprisingly busy week. I honestly didn't expect to be so busy hanging out with so many people this week, because I am a hermit who sucks at keeping in touch with people, lol. But people kept on making plans, and I was all up for it, because I know I won't be seeing most of my friends this summer. Everyone's busy with jobs, internships, traveling, or school this summer.

I was invited to a pool party later today, but I didn't want to go mainly because it's at 3 o'clock, and it's supposed to be 87 degrees tomorrow. Yeah, no amount of water is going to make me want to be outside. That, and it's been a busy week, so I just want to stay in bed and chill and recharge for a day. But I just remembered that tomorrow is graduation, and now I'm debating on going to the end when everyone's out to see all of my friends who are graduating one last time... 

I'll figure it out soon, lol. 

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