Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Squad Goals

I've been busy trying to survive life these past few weeks (and it's only going to get worse starting next week D:), so I haven't been really active on here lately. If I can't motivate myself to do my homework, I can't even motivate myself to remember to be productive at all. :/

However, I'm going trick-or-treating/hanging with some friends on Halloween, so I've been thinking of costume ideas for a while now. I saw this awesome picture of a group costume though, and I had to share it!

Isn't it great?! Too bad I can't ride a bike, lol. 

I thought about being GoGo from Big Hero 6, but I couldn't find an affordable leather jacket on such short notice. In the end, I decided to go as Max from Foster's Home for Imaginary Kids. He's really easy to dress up as, and I'll actually be warm, lol. 

I stumbled across Polyvore while looking for the GoGo outfit and ended up being inspired by all of the creative, modern, girl-version of famous characters from TV shows, movies, and games. Just look under the Similar Styles section to see other outfits for famous characters.

Anyway, I have to pick my bro up from his band competition later, and it's already this late. Not really tired because I've been sleeping around 1-2 AM every day for the past week, but I still don't want to mess up my sleep schedule anymore than it already is, so I really hope he'll call soon.

That's it for now!

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