Monday, September 7, 2015

A relaxing weekend...until school catches up :o

It's the last day of Labor Day Weekend, and I'm both sad and happy about this. I'm sad because I have to do all of my homework that I haven't had time to do earlier this weekend, and it's a lot because I only read one chapter and started on one paper on Saturday and Sunday. That, and I have my online class later tonight, so I really need to do the reading and finish that homework. 

I'm happy that I got an extra day to do all of my homework though. That's the only reason why I was able to hangout with Jessica all Saturday night and ended up sleeping over since we were so busy chilling and doing stuff for the fraternity. 

But yeah, it was nice catching up and telling each other about our summer (she went to Europe and I went to China). We ate dinner at Stevi B's, which I've only eaten there once, so I got to try a lot of different pizzas there. She made me try their BBQ chicken pizza, and it was a religious experience. XD It was so good! But we didn't go to sleep until 5AM, and I woke up around 8-9, so I was pretty unproductive for the rest of the day since I was so tired. I took a couple naps with David later in the day, but they just made me groggy.

I went to bed around midnight since I kept on nodding off trying to read a chapter for photography, but I woke up to my alarm at 7:40 this morning since I forgot to turn my alarm off. :/ That's why I'm updating early in the morning for once!

But yeah, just wanted to give a little update before I go try to be a responsible student. But first--an episode of Elementary! I'm almost done watching season 3! :D

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