Friday, June 30, 2017

Haircut, Lake House Trip, Food With Friends, Puppy, Wonder Woman, & Birthday Party!

It's been a pretty busy month! Haircuts, lake houses, going out to eat with everyone, puppies, movies, and a birthday party... My weekends were definitely packed.

I finally got a haircut at the beginning of the month! I've been saying for months that I wanted to get an undercut, so I finally did it! I booked an appointment the day of, and finally got a haircut and a trim, since it had been a year since I last got a haircut, lol. I showed my mom and she hated it. It was great watching her reaction, lol.

My friends and I spent the first weekend of June at David's aunt and uncle's rental lake house, which was hilariously fun. Lol, due to everyone's crazy schedules, we had planned this trip two months in advance, so I'm glad everything went fine. Man, there were so many jokes and pranks during that trip, I can't believe was only three weeks ago!

The best parts were Harrison constantly mooning Jerry, becoming enemies with everyone playing Uno, Kim escaping Alec through the window in her room, Alec unscrewing the doorknob to Kim's room to get inside and bother her some more, watching Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and coming up with Daddy Deathstroke, watching drunk Harrison and drunk Victoria play chess, and eating Harrison and Alec's awesome cooking.

It was definitely relaxing and fun, and I can't wait to do another trip like this with everyone. Luckily I won't have to wait that long since we made plans to visit Harrison's hometown during the first weekend of August. He's told us that the town really supports artists, so there's artwork everywhere downtown, which I'm excited to see. 

I definitely ate out a lot this month. Two weeks ago, Alec randomly decided to see if we wanted to get dinner that night, so I decided to go since it was right after I finished my class that night. It turned out that he was going to the Philippines the next day, so we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and hungout for a bit. We also ate out again when he came back last week. Lol, there was a miscommunication problem, so Mikey and Victoria actually went to a different sushi restaurant than the one the rest of us went to. 

David's older sis and her boyfriend were fostering the most adorable puppy for two weeks while her boyfriend's dad built a dog house for him at their house. His name is Hercules, and he is the most adorable, obedient, sleepy puppy I've ever met! He's so cute, and he loves to be around people and take naps next to you, and ugh. I wanted to steal him all of the time. I literally came over to their house to see and play with him in addition to seeing David, lol.

Jerry even came over to see Hercules at one point because we kept on sending him cute snaps of the puppy. David's mom had planned on taking their whole family out to dinner, and because Jerry and I were there, we ended up going to get Thai with them, too, lol. It was really funny when I realized that the only single people there (Kim and Jerry) ended up sitting next to each other, so our whole table was coupled up.

We also went to watch Wonder Woman as a group a few weeks ago. It was awesome! We all liked it except for one part near the end about the power of love, lol. Knowing us, we ended up staying in the lobby until 11:30 that night, but instead of leaving while they were closing up, we stayed outside talking for another hour, lol.

The other weekend, Jackie held a joint birthday party with one of her roommates since they had the same birthday, so Meethu, David, Shanice, and I came to celebrate it with her. Lol, it was the first time we had ever seen Jackie drunk, so it was pretty funny. She eventually got into a fight with her boyfriend, so we spent a large part of the night taking care of her, since she was so wasted, but it was still pretty funny because drunk Jackie is even sassier than normal Jackie. XD

But yeah, this month has been pretty busy with everything going on and working out and classes. Definitely an enjoyable summer so far, lol. And tomorrow, we're all going out to Alec's house for a BBQ and fireworks for Fourth of July! :D

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