Monday, October 24, 2016

Car Accident and Robbery

This year just keeps on getting better and better. >:( I'm so fucking tired of 2016 and all of the shit that's happened.

Around the end of September, when my friends and I were on our way to Anime Weekend Atlanta, I got into a car accident. We were on the highway 15 minutes away from our hotel--we were so close!--when traffic started slowing down. I slowed down, but the car behind me, this big white construction van, did not slow down enough in time. It hit my car with enough force that we immediately hit the car in front of me. Luckily for the in front of me, it was more of a light tap than anything too damaging.

I was still in shock at what had happened, so I drove forwards a little bit until I was on the median on the left side of the road since I was driving in the fast lane. The van that hit me also parked behind us while we were calling the cops and my insurance company. The van's driver came over to check on us in the middle of all of that.

While we were waiting for the cops to come, we were taking stock of all of our injuries. Meethu was nauseous and her neck hurt, Jackie's head hurt a little, and the back of David's head hurt from slamming into the headrest.

Thirty minutes into waiting for the cops to come, we realized that the van behind us got back onto the highway and was leaving the exit not too far from us. We were all in too much shock to manage to get their license plate number. We call the police again and tell them about it because it looked like it was about to become a hit and run since their van didn't really suffer any damages from hitting my car except for their bumper almost falling off.

Later, we see the van appear on the right side of the road away from traffic. Man, we were in so much relief to see them and understood then what they were trying to do. Because we were parked on the left side of the road, which didn't have a lot of space to begin with, and because we were right next to the fast lane, it was really dangerous for both of our cars because everyone drove so close and fast next to us. The van was especially in danger since it was so much bigger than my car, which was a Honda Accord Sport.

We waited for a while some more until the police finally came. They actually blocked off all of the lanes so that I could pull my car over to the right side of the road away from the traffic and behind the van that hit us. The police officer was actually very nice; he kept trying to make jokes so that we would lighten up even though it didn't really work. He got all of our licenses and wrote his report up and waited for my sis to come pick us up before he left. 

Technically, my car was still driveable since my engine was okay; my tail lights were unusable and my trunk took up half of the rear-view window though. However, because I wasn't in the right mindset to drive my car anywhere, we left it to get towed and Shelle and Kyle went to pick it up the next day and take it back to their house.

By the time we get to the hotel and settle down, it's already six, and we're starving, so we go to the con and decide to eat at this buffet place in the food court. We went to a Kpop dance lesson panel and had a good time watching everyone dance and then people watched for a while. We met up with Madeline and she decided to stay at the hotel with us for the night since she was only staying for one day. This was great because she could take us to the hotel instead of relying on Kyle and Shelle to drop us off there.

The next day, we went to more panels (mainly Kpop ones, lol) and bought some stuff from the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley. I was able to control myself and only bought one print. Instead, I mainly bought a lot of snacks this time, lol. We people watched a lot, and Jackie, Meethu, and I decided to check out this singles/mingle lounge which was only for people 21 and above. We ran into one of David's friends there, lol. Kyle and Shelle helped their friend host their annual cereal party at 11 that night, so we went to that, which was pretty entertaining too.

Because my parents wanted us to bring my car home, it was decided that Shelle and Kyle would drive us and the cars down the next day. To make things easier for them, we decided to skip the con the next day and check out of the hotel that night, which really sucked. What sucked even more was that there was a shit ton of traffic that day, so even though we left at 11 that morning, we didn't reach home until 4. My parents, Shelle, and Kyle all had a wedding to go to in Atlanta at 6, so they were all rushing to leave practically as soon as they got home.

The bullshit doesn't stop there either.

Because the car accident was not my fault, the van's owner has to file a claim of the accident to their insurance company, which was Geico. I spend a whole week waiting to hear back from anyone when my own car insurance company calls me to tell me that they were waiting to hear from Geico as well and found out that no one had reported the accident to Geico yet! My own insurance company had to file a claim to Geico for me. They were able to get a claim number for me so that I could call them myself to see what to do next. 

I called them and set up a date for an inspection and found out a day later that because the cost of repairs would cost more than my car's current market value, my car would be deemed a total loss, and that they would give me a check for the price of my car and that would be it. 

I thought that I would just have to wait a month for them to fix my car and all would be good. No, I had to basically sell them my car and would have to look for another one to replace it. UGH.

My dad went with me to sign the title over to Geico since it was still technically his car, and he started looking for a new car for me immediately the next day. That Friday, he found me a used 2014 Acura ILX and bought it for $2000 more than what Geico paid us. 

I thought that was the end of it but no, today, our house got robbed. Again. 

I left home around one to pick up David and go to the Acura dealership to get another car key. After I dropped David off at his school to study with his friend, my mom called around me around three to ask when I left the house because our house was robbed. She ended her call quickly to call the police, and I found out throughout the day from her and my bro that they mainly targeted my parents' room. They raided my parents' room and stole my mom's designer purses, her new expensive perfume, and my dad's new dress shoes. They didn't touch any of the other rooms. 

It's so frustrating because it has to be the same people who robbed us the first time a few years ago because they knew exactly where to go. 

However, this time they were sloppy. The police discovered a set of keys on a silver keychain that said Florida on it on the stairs. It doesn't belong to any of us, so it has to belong to the robbers.

So yeah, this year sucks. I'm failing a class and am drowning in homework and have had to deal with all of this bullshit for the past few months and it just keeps happening

I'm so tired.

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  1. I am so sorry you are going through that! The only way to go is up, right? The good news is that you had insurance! First car I had liability only, and my spouse was driving and got distracted, hit another car and it was a total loss. I had no car! Be glad you were smart enough to have full coverage!

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta