Wednesday, February 25, 2015

didn't mean to go MIA

Whoops, I didn't mean to forget to blog all month. -__-" I mean, at times, I would remember that I should blog, but things were too busy, I soon forgot about it, or David was around, and I didn't want to blog. I've told him a while ago that I have a blog, but I still haven't shown him it, and I'm not sure I want him to see me blog, because he sits right next to me, so he'll be able to read everything I write.

I feel like not a lot of things have happened, but I'm pretty sure they did. I'm just too forgetful and lazy to blog about it. Lol, there was midnight movie, Valentine's day, group projects, and lots of fun times with David. Idk, maybe I'll eventually get around to talking about the whole progression with our relationship, lol.

I also bought and received some books this past weekend, so I will hopefully have a post about that soon. I don't remember if I posted about this last year, but my phone broke around Thanksgiving, so I've been using my mom's old phone since, and it has a really crappy camera. That's why I still haven't made a post about the other books I bought in December. 

Hopefully these books will convince me to make time to read, because I really should do something about the piles of books lying around my room that's been collecting dust for the past three years, lol. When I was in Books-A-Million this weekend, I didn't even recognize almost half of the Young Adult section; I've been so out of the loop! :c When did this happen?

But yeah, I should be studying or doing some homework, but my laptop's being super laggy and annoying. Perhaps I will start reading a book instead. :D

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