Monday, October 5, 2009



i love fall. it's my favoritest season XD not too hot, not too cold, and windy! i cant wait until it really becomes fall, since it's still a little too warm in the afternoons and there's not enough wind yet.

and guess what i just realized. henry's birfday is exactly a week from now! it's on the 11th and donghae's is on the 15th!

and next month is my birfday! which is kinda bad seeing how i still havent bothered to get my learners permit yet, and i'm gonna turn 16 this year. i've only gone to take the test once, and that was almost a whole year ago -__-"

i got into beta this year. i'm so glad that you only need a 90 average to stay in it, tho. cuz without the 3 points added for being in honor classes and having high A's in my 3 electives, i'd prolly be on probation before the next progress report comes.

and i'm joining debate! i went to their last meeting cuz i had time to kill before mommy came to pick me up (i need a car and a phone so bad; it'd make life so much easier) and sidney and aliesha were in it anyways, and it sounds fun. and it's gonna help me with my public speaking skills and stuff. and it's supposed to look good on college applications, too. so yeah, i'm gonna go get the paperwork and stuff tomorrow and talk to daddy about it (cuz he wants to know the facts and whatever before agreeing, but i'm gonna make him agree whether he wants to or not XP).

i wanted to join reel club last year, but it was way too late and just not a good time. this year, i totally forgot about wanting to join it until rebecca reminded me after school one day (i dont have any classes with her this year), but i dont want to since it's already started and i missed out on stuff already.

but i joined big brothers, big sisters this year. they said that they'd get into contact with us sometime in september. i never got a word from them tho. sidney said that they started it late last year, tho. they got their kids in december, so i guess i dont really need to worry about that for a while.

and i joined latin club earlier this year. but i only went to 1 and a half of the 3-4 meetings we've had so far this year. -__-" we still need to do a t-shirt design and vote on one tho.

and the other club that i joined this year is deca. mainly cuz aliesha, sidney, and emily were joining, too. and i wanted an easy club. all we're doin is selling homecoming t-shirts and doin other school stuff.

yeah, there's not that much to blog about today. even tho i'm pretty sure i had lots of stuff to talk about earlier... ^^"

not much fangirling either. shocking, i know :P

since it's chuseok, a korean holiday, alot of tv shows have made chuseok specials with alot of hot bands guest-starring in them. they've got dance battles, special performances, and other competitions that seem really funny. no DBSK (cuz of the whole court thing) or 2PM (cuz of the whole jay thing), tho, but some suju members are gonna be in one of them and some SHINee members, too, and some other bands that i like.

i'm just sticking these 2 pics i found (and liked :P) the other day on here, cuz this post would feel weird without having at least one pic or video on it XD

gotta go, i should of been studying for one of my 2 tests and/or quiz tomorrow :P

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